Saturday, November 1, 2008

Someone else has noticed!

As I've noted twice before (here and here), the Government's (and media's) downplaying of recent neo-Nazi plot to kill black students and assassinate Sen. Obama has received scant coverage, and what coverage it has received has differed markedly from previous "domestic terrorism" stories.

Someone else has noticed this oddity. Eric Ward over at Imagine 2050 writes:
Response to Obama Murder Plot Says Much about Belonging
October 30, 2008 by Eric Ward
... While the public, political pundits, and even some law enforcement officials have been quick to downplay the actions of Cowart and Schlesselman using words such as “unlikely,” “unsophisticated,” and “bizarre”, these individuals are making a case for who they believe is an American. I can’t help but think back to 2006 when seven men who thought they were working with al-Qaida (but in actuality an FBI informant) were arrested in a plot against Chicago’s Sears Tower.

I can’t help but to ask if Coward and Schlesselman had been self-proclaimed Muslims would these same political pundits and law enforcement officials find themselves so blasé? Would the public write it off as “stupid kids who weren’t serious?”

Again: why the apparent double-standard?
Has the Government really learned from past mistakes in which it hyped "terror" cases that later fell apart?
Or does it believe a neo-Nazi plot to kill blacks & assassinate the Dem Prez Candidate just doesn't count as "domestic terrorism"? - You know, since the alleged plotters are white?

Stop the madness.

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