Thursday, November 6, 2008

Self-indictment (no, not my own)

Okay - I'll admit that it's fun to read & hear all the trash talk coming from McCain's campaign staff about Gov. Palin... BUT!

... don't these folks realize that with every new juicy bit they dole out they simply indict themselves & their candidate???
Who picked Palin? McCain.
Who vetted Palin? McCain's staff.

If Palin was weak on basic geography, policy, and general knowledge... well, who bears the blame? McCain & his staff for choosing her!

If Palin used campaign funds for shopping sprees, whose fault is that? McCain's staff for not instituting and enforcing fairly basic financial controls.
A campaign is a large organization with lots of money flowing through it - and the financial side of a campaign is fairly strictly regulated by the Feds. Basic financial control structures are needed. Where were they??? And whose fault is it that controls were lax enough to allow personal spending sprees, charged to the campaign? McCain's staff.

Again - I do enjoy the nasty nuggets, but wonder about the self-preservation instincts possessed by those who peddle them.

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