Saturday, November 8, 2008

No, I'm not alone

A few posts ago I noted that, tho' I enjoy reading all the dirt on Gov. Palin, I question the self-preservation instincts of the folks peddling the stories. By peddling all this fun stuff, the peddlers are indicting themselves: they picked her!

Someone else noticed: CNN's Campbell Brown, on her No Bias, No Bull show:
You are the ones who supposedly vetted her, and then told the American people she was qualified for the job. You are the ones who after meeting her a couple of times, told us she was ready to be just one heartbeat away from the Presidency. If even half of what you say NOW is true, then boy, did you try to sell the American people a bill of goods. If Sarah Palin is the reason some voters chose Barack Obama, that is no one's fault but your own. John McCain, as he so graciously said himself the other night, lost this election. He lost it with your help, your advice, your guidance, and yes, your running mate recommendations. And that is crystal clear to everyone, no matter how hard you try to blame Sarah Palin or anyone else.
It's so nice to see my views validated by an independent third-party.

Have a nice day.

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