Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NY-23 update

Hoffman (C) concedes.
Owens (D) wins!
Current tally: 87% of precincts reporting, and some 11K absentee votes yet to be tallied -
Owens (D): 49%
Hoffman (C): 45%
Scozzafava (R): 6%
This in a district that has been safely Republican since only slightly after The Deluge.

Recall my none-too-confident prediction from Sunday, 1 Nov:
- Owens: 46%
- Hoffman: 43%
- Scozzafava: 11%
I over-estimated Scozzafava's residuals... but I've still got the 11K absentee ballots to bring her total up (these were presumably returned before she dropped out of the race). Otherwise, I didn't do too badly calling the Owens v Hoffman race!

Again: I'm really hoping the Tea Party folks learned their lesson! - and redouble their efforts in 2010!!!
I'll gladly contribute $$$ to any Tea Party-favored non-incumbent in 'safe' Republican districts next fall! Drive out the moderate Rs, bring in the REAL conservatives!!! YES.

Will Glenn Beck accept my $$$ to help finance his camapaign appearances? Sarah Palin?
Please: Let me give you $$$... BUT: only for your favored alternatives in otherwise 'safe' Republican districts!

Come to think of it, are you planning to field any REAL CONSERVATIVE challengers to these incumbent Republican Senators?
Richard Shelby of Alabama
Lisa Murkowski of Alaska
John McCain of Arizona
Johnny Isakson of Georgia
Mike Crapo of Idaho
Chuck Grassley of Iowa
David Vitter of Louisiana
Richard Burr of North Carolina
Tom Coburn of Oklahoma
Jim DeMint of South Carolina
John Thune of South Dakota
Bob Bennett of Utah
I'd be happy to donate $$$ to any REAL CONSERVATIVE opponents you field against any of these folks, too. (Coburn & DeMint are probably out - I can't imagine you finding anyone more conservative than either of 'em!)... But Grassley was cited by Obama as a good-guy in health reform debate: he's clearly a fellow traveler!... and Vitter has serious personal moral issues! Surely you can find better, more sincere, more conservative candidates! Let me help!

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