Monday, November 23, 2009

Our MBA president at work... sigh

U.S. Fears Iraqis Will Not Keep Up Rebuilt Projects
Published: November 20, 2009
BAGHDAD — In its largest reconstruction effort since the Marshall Plan, the United States government has spent $53 billion for relief and reconstruction in Iraq since the 2003 invasion, building tens of thousands of hospitals, water treatment plants, electricity substations, schools and bridges.

But there are growing concerns among American officials that Iraq will not be able to adequately maintain the facilities once the Americans have left, potentially wasting hundreds of millions of dollars and jeopardizing Iraq’s ability to provide basic services to its people.

The projects run the gamut — from a cutting-edge, $270 million water treatment plant in Nasiriya that works at a fraction of its intended capacity because it is too sophisticated for Iraqi workers to operate, to a farmers’ market that farmers cannot decide how to share, to a large American hospital closed immediately after it was handed over to Iraq because the government was unable to supply it with equipment, a medical staff or electricity.
Where to start?

Sadly, everywhere and nowhere.

This is what happens when ideology and ideological purity prevail.

Could someone please explain to me why the neocons still get airtime on primetime news - cable & network?

What would happen if we just walked away?
I don't know... but I'm willing to bet $$$ that whatever happens couldn't be any worse than maintaining the status quo.

... and then there's Afghanistan.
What would happen if we simply walked away?
Again - I don't know. (Well, I've got some guesses - none of them uplifting or attractive.)...
... BUT, again - I'm willing to bet $$$ that an honest, realistic cost-benefit analysis - the stuff the GOP presumably thrives on - would reveal that walking away is the best course of action.

Would peace and harmony suddenly break out in south-central Asia? Well, no - probably not.

Would we be more secure and more fiscally sound?

Stop the madness!

p.s. Somewhat surprisingly, I'm getting tired of posting bits entitled "Our MBA president at work"... I'd sincerely hoped that Obama would repudiate W's legacy - both abroad and at home. I've been sorely disappointed.

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