Sunday, November 1, 2009

Well, maybe...

From loyal reader fpm:
Weekly thoughts
An elderly man was always cheerful and contented, although he had been up to his neck in trouble all his life. When asked the secret of his serenity, he replied, "I learned to cooperate with the inevitable." Certain things just can't be helped. They are beyond our control. Stop fighting difficulties that can't be avoided. Follow this man's philosophy. "Cooperate with the inevitable."
On the one hand it's an active verb, "cooperate", which is good.

On the other hand: how does one distinguish the 'inevitable' from that over which we just might have control??? - When does 'cooperation' become 'passivity' or 'resignation'?
(Does it matter?)

All in all, probably not bad advice... just needs to be applied judiciously.

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