Saturday, November 14, 2009

Well, that was fun!

"Curmudgeons' night out" went well... very well attended!

It was fun meeting OneFly (Outta the Cornfield)... and of course always joyful to chat with Pat (Family & Friends) and Woody (The Well-Armed Lamb).

... I probably oughta point out that Woody has MANY blogs - all of 'em good reads. Visit Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) for a complete list.

Me? - I've barely the energy to maintain just one blog!

OneFly brought a couple of friends with him (hey - the more, the merrier!... How come these were our only guests?).
Anyway... one of 'em had a tale to tell regarding the joys of the U.S. health insurance system:
After 30+ years working, he was recently injured on the job - fell and broke his femur... the round part that fits into the hip joint.

He filed for Worker's Comp - an 'on-the-job' injury, right?

X-rays revealed a "pre-existing condition": slight arthritis.
Worker's Comp refuses to pay.

Meanwhile his private health coverage demurs: this was a WORK-RELATED INJURY - so Worker's Comp should cover it!
The joys of our wholly dysfunctial health insurance system... that the GOP thinks is just great!

I'm curious: how many of us in our 50s DON'T have "slight arthritis" in just about every joint???
Better not fall and break something!

Back to here-and-now: Thanks to Pat, Woody, & OneFly (Tom) for a delightful afternoon!
... Pat: the beer selection was awesome! (... even if Spinn's didn't stock Bass!)


  1. We need to do this again and again and again.
    I do hope Tom and his friends made it back home safely.

  2. We made it Patrick and I very much enjoyed talking to you and Russ. Thank you my new friends who now have faces!!