Friday, March 5, 2010

Email CNN! - this is repulsive!!!

I don't usually watch CNN. Now I know why.
(Actually - Wolf Blitzer making a fool of himself on Jeopardy a few months ago was enough to convince me that he was somewhat less than well-informed or trustworthy!)

BUT: this segment is simply inexcusable.
Mr. Blitzer today apologized for the chryon, "Department of Jihad".
I note that the chryon
Are Justice Dept. Lawyers Disloyal?
runs throughout the segment.
Their 'expert'? Victoria Toensing!

Watch the segment - if you think that the apology for the "Dept. of Jihad" chryon is sufficient atonement, fine.
Me? The entire segment stinks - in it CNN plays the part of a pipeline that positively promotes right-wing propaganda. I stated this in my email to them, and suggested that a simple apology was wholly insufficient - and that a blanket retraction was required.

Then again, Fox News DOES get higher ratings! - so there are probably good business reasons for being a pipeline that positively promotes right-wing propaganda.
[No, wait - that can't be right.
The media have a LIBERAL bias!
I almost forgot.]

Email CNN here.

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