Monday, March 1, 2010

Is it time to bet on this?

Recent news suggests that health-insurance reform legislation may soon become a reality.

note: the descriptor - 'health-insurance reform' - is deliberately chosen to...
... 1) blunt GOP claims that America has 'the best health care in the world'. Yes, it does... for those who can afford it!
... 2) focus attention on the real reform - we're not talking about overhauling healthcare, but about overhauling how we pay for it. The health-insurance industry is the target - not the doctors, nurses, clinics, & hospitals.

Current news suggests the following path:
1) House passes current Senate bill as is.
2) House amends Senate bill - touching only aspects bearing on the budget.
... and 2a) sends amended bill to Senate.
3) Senate passes amended bill using 'reconciliation' - another abstruse Senate rule - to get most of original House bill passed as law.

My understanding may be not-quite-right. I'd be happy to hear from folks who know better.

The House-amended version could include provision for a 'public option', which at least some 'experts' suggest is the only real reform that'll have a real effect.

Some sticking points: anti-abortion language in current House version (the Stupak amendment)... I'm sure there are others.

So - is it time to put real $$$ on the line that meaningful reform will be a reality in my lifetime (or even before the 2010 elections)?

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