Friday, March 5, 2010

Just checkin' in

I've not posted since Wednesday, and feel obligated to check in.
... Problem is, I've nothing to say.

The only really good news: Even W's lawyers are coming out against Liz Cheney's attempt to impugn the loyalty of DoJ lawyers who advocated for Gitmo detainees (Liz Cheney Accused of McCarthyism).

On the other hand: why does Liz Cheney get airtime???
If not for her family connections, would she have achieved ANYTHING?
... Let me rephrase that: Except for being named 'Cheney', WHAT has she achieved?
... and it's not readily apparent that being the daughter of former Wyoming Congressman Cheney counts as an achievement.

More good news: Sarah Palin is still in the news.
I'm hoping she stays VERY VISIBLE, from now till 2012.
I'd REALLY LIKE Sarah Palin to be the GOP presidential candidate in 2012!
When she launches a "Palin for President" campaign committee, I'll send her $$$.

Finally: Write your Congressional delegation - tell 'em what you want.
(Yeah: I know this is futile, but it'll make you feel better.)

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