Friday, April 23, 2010

A gentle reminder: laugh out loud

In addition to letters to various pooh-bahs suggested in previous post, I think it's time I sent letters to my Congressional delegation reminding them to LAUGH OUT LOUD whenever one of their esteemed GOP colleagues cites the miracle of the self-regulating, self-correcting free market.

It probably wouldn't hurt to send this to others besides my Congressional delegation.

Aside ("No, I have no shame" department)- Here's my post from 30 Sep 2009:
the next big hurdle...
I note that regulation of the financial sector is beginning to make news again.

Brilliant advice for those favoring increased regulation: Anticipate the crap the loyal opposition will be spewing.

... I'm betting the crap will start with paeans to the magic of the market - and how anything threatening to interfere with the magic of the market is a socialist evil!

Point 1: Laugh out loud whenever anyone mentions the magic of the market!!!
Point 2: Repeat point 1.

Point 3: Okay - regulation is socialism. So what? Socialism protects you and me and the rest of We the People from the predations of unbridled capitalists!

Recall: pure, unbridled capitalism - the unregulated financial sector - brought about the current economic & financial crisis... abetted by the demi-god of free-market efficiency, Alan Greenspan.
[It wouldn't hurt to recall that the Crash of '29 and the ensuing Great Depression was likewise brought on by pure, unbridled capitalism - an unregulated financial sector... and that St. Reagan's dismantling of Depression-era financial-sector regulation is more than just a little to blame for the current mess!]

... It's time we resurrected late 19th-century images of Capitalists as Agents of Evil!

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