Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Day Tea Party in ABQ

My wife & I were out running errands today when we turned west onto Menaul at Wyoming... and encountered the Tea Party Tax Day protest.
Demonstrators lined the street from Wyoming to San Pedro.
"Give me liberty, not DEBT!"

"Help Heinrich Retire!"

"One Big Ass Mistake America"
It was, in fact, quite uplifting to see so many of my fellow citizens participating peacefully in the political process... it's just too bad they're delusional.

If they muster the same enthusiasm in November it could be an interesting election.


  1. The crowd at the Oklahoma capitol tea party was much smaller than the crowd a year age. Less angry too.

  2. You know, they are confusin'! I can figure out what they're agin', but a can't figure out what they're fer. I'd really, really like to consider a point or two and see if I can find any common ground (they say this is better for the aging brain than crossword puzzles), but all I can come up with is that we're all unhappy about Wall Street. Oh, but, wait a minute: without government regulation, we've got even more to be unhappy with Wall Street about. See? Jes' plumb confusin'! I sure hope TedTheCat is right.