Monday, February 8, 2016

A day late & a dollar short - reflections on Super Bowl 50

Most of the articles I've read about Super Bowl 50 have been sorta negative.
Folks complain about lack of offensive fireworks, about sloppiness, about miscues.

Yeah - all that is true.

BUT! - the Denver defense was AMAZING!

I watched Steelers v Broncos, and thought,
"Yeah, well, Big Ben ain't young no more.
Peyton looks BAD!
No chance against Brady & Co."
I watched Patriots v Broncos - and was truly surprised.
Son-of-a-bitch - that Denver D shut down Brady!
... but against Carolina? No chance.

I watched Super Bowl 50 and was flabbergasted!
- Manning looked like an old man (no surprise)...
... & I was hoping they put Osweiler in for the 2nd half!
BUT - that Denver D is GREAT!

I don't understand folks who bitch about a game in which such defensive domination is exhibited!
... well, okay - Manning sucked...
BUT - the entire Denver defense shoulda been awarded the MVP.


  1. I actually predicted the general criticism during the first half of the game: how do you enjoy/celebrate the phenomenon of giving the other team absolutely no options? Foreclosing their entire world of possibilities? Why not follow Soccer?

    Newton simply never had an open receiver during the entire game. He might have been the ideal quarterback to capitalize on that saturated coverage situation and run the ball himself - if he wasn't already always running from that ubiquitous, lightening pass rush. He reminded me of the Battleship Galactica (in the reboot, particularly) - solid, built for punishment (the guy is huge), resolute, but how much can one man take? Denver's pass rush was like the Cylons - they just kept coming, every play. You simply run out of ammo at some point.

    I was wondering if this game would be heavily studied in the future: the moment really fast high school players started to dream about playing defense instead of being OJ...

  2. 'Twas fun to watch... tho' you & I might be only folks to think so. (FYI: I had no favorite going into this - Denver or Carolina - all the same to me... BUT: I've never enjoyed watching such defensive dominance more!)