Monday, February 15, 2016

My extended family - a riff on "politics, religion, & life are not coextensive"...

... tho' this'll be mostly on the 'religion' bit.

One of my sisters - who was raised in the Catholic tradition, attending Catholic schools - married a Jewish man... hmmm... more than 40 years ago.
They're still married.

One of my nephews, nominally Christian, married a Jewish woman. 'Twas a fun wedding!
They're still married.

A nephew-by-marriage is Jewish. His wife? Nominally Catholic.
They have delightful twin daughters... and they're still married.

My in-laws?
All Jewish!
Somehow we get along.

Me - nominally Catholic. At least the Church claims me - I was baptized!

... and, oh yeah, I almost forgot: my wife is Jewish.

On the "politics" side... well... most of these folks are pretty liberal.
... tho' there is one "militia man" bro-in-law lurking, and a niece-in-law who seems to support Trump!

Still - family gatherings aren't too hostile.

A recent commenter - and loyal reader - noted:
Last night I had dinner with a couple in which the husband is a businessman/Republican/Creationist/Baptist and the wife is a science professor/Democrat/evolutionist/Jew. They are a lovely couple and very happy together.
Nope - religion, politics, and life are NOT coextensive!
That's a good thing.

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