Thursday, February 25, 2016

... and still more "Tale of Two Dollars"

Here's a graphical representation of GDP components:

The GOP candidates favor...
1. cutting Gov't spending (defense, infrastructure, education, social safety nets, etc.)
2. cutting taxes on private investment
3. maintaining a strong dollar.

The effects of these policy proposals?
1. cutting Gov't spending really does cut employment and overall economic health. Yeah - all that defense, infrastructure, education, and social safety net spending really DOES create JOBS.
At least two of the leading GOP contenders are U.S. Senators - they currently make THEIR livings from Gov't spending!!!

2. Private investment is a relatively SMALL component of GDP: about 17%. (LESS than Gov't spending!)
... and the tax breaks you give to Quote "Job-Creating" Unquote investors? - they really are NOT creating jobs with the extra $$$.

3. A strong dollar? - mitigates AGAINST balance-of-trade. A strong dollar means NOBODY is buying our stuff! - we're spending $$$ buying every one else's stuff!

... and not ONE of the GOP hopefuls suggests anything that'll help the middle class - all us folks making $110,000/year - if we're REALLY lucky!

I've said it before & I'll say it again:
CONSUMER SPENDING drives the economy.
NOT business investment.

If consumers aren't spending there's no reason for businesses to invest!

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