Saturday, February 6, 2016

My letter to Marco Rubio

Dear Senator Rubio:

WE are job creators.

My wife is gainfully employed as a tenured full professor at the University of New Mexico.
I am a retired statistician.

My wife & I just spent $130K to remodel our house.
This was a one-time thing.
A local contractor did the work.
All the folks who did the job went out and SPENT the money in our local economy.
We hire a woman to clean our house every two weeks.
– She has her own business… a SMALL business.
Every dollar we pay her, she spends in our local economy.
We hire a local company to clean the yard four times each year.
It’s locally owned – a SMALL business.
Every dollar we pay these folks they go out and spend in our local economy.
We hire a fellow to maintain our drip system.
He is local, and has a SMALL business.
He employs maybe 4 guys.
They spend every dollar we pay ‘em in our local economy.
We hire a fellow to do all the brickwork on our house.
He’s a veteran with a SMALL business.
He spends every dollar in our local economy.
The businesses you choose to support with tax breaks? Every dollar you give ‘em is sequestered. It gets parked in some off-shore account or tax-shelter, or is simply held as “working capital”. It is NOT spent. It does NOTHING for the economy. ALL those dollars are effectively removed from the economy.

Me & my wife? – We spend money in our local community, promoting local SMALL businesses and the LOCAL economy.

You have not proposed even ONE policy that benefits these SMALL businesses and the tax-payers that support ‘em, like us!

Economics 101:
GDP = Consumer spending + Investment + Govt spending + balance of trade
The largest component is CONSUMER SPENDING – 70%!!! – Folks like my wife & me, SPENDING MONEY.

The big businesses you want to support with tax breaks? They do NOT create jobs with that extra cash. They just sequester it. Those tax “incentives” you propose? – they make high-paid CEOs look great, but I’m betting you can’t cite one instance in which even one dollar of tax incentive went to create a job. – don’t worry about it: nobody can. – It’s never happened!


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