Sunday, February 14, 2016

Religion, politics and life are NOT coextensive

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg mourns loss of her ‘best buddy’ Antonin Scalia
Posted 9:21 am, February 14, 2016, by CNN Wire Service

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Polar opposites on the bench, Justices Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg had a long, deep, an unexpected friendship.

“Why don’t you call us the odd couple?” Scalia said last winter during a joint appearance with the woman he has called his “best buddy” on the bench.

“What’s not to like?” Scalia joked at the event hosted by the Smithsonian Associates. “Except her views on the law, of course.”

The two justices and their families vacationed together. There was a trip to Europe where Ginsburg went parasailing, leaving Scalia on the ground to admire her courage but at the same time worry she might just float away.

In her chambers, she has a picture of them riding an elephant in India. Ginsburg — the pioneer of gender equality– has said that she was only sitting behind Scalia to distribute weight more evenly on the elephant.
Me? One of my best friends is a USMC reservist.
He served in Desert Storm & Iraqi Freedom.
He's done MANY tours in Afghanistan.
He's a statistician - one of my former colleagues.

Other than our chosen profession we have NOTHING in common.
He's the most politically conservative person I know - he votes Republican.
He attends a conservative Lutheran church - one of the Lutheran synods that would NEVER consider ordaining a woman pastor.

We get along well, exchange emails & snailmail.
We enjoy each other's company, and feel free to discuss politics & religion without coming to blows.

Religion, politics, and life are NOT coextensive!

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  1. Last night I had dinner with a couple in which the husband is a businessman/Republican/Creationist/Baptist and the wife is a science professor/Democrat/evolutionist/Jew. The are a lovely couple and very happy together.