Saturday, February 20, 2016

This and that...

Baby-sitting grandson Hunter last night, so no blogging.
This was particularly stressful as I was otherwise ALONE!
Melissa was in Dulce, NM, for the birthday of one her colleagues - a Jicarilla Apache woman with whom she's worked for many years.

... and it didn't help that my efforts to clean up my computer failed completely - in fact, resulting in my having no internet access.
Fortunately I was able to get a tech guy out to fix things!

In other news...
... a friend stopped by today.
We chatted about pets, the weather, our physical ailments... the usual.
Then HE brought up politics.
I was shocked to learn that he supports Bernie!

Why shocked, you ask?
The friend continued: "I used to think I was a Republican."

Yes, I was pretty sure this fellow was a Republican.
No more.
He even said nasty things about George W!

Meanwhile, there's a caucus in Nevada and a primary in South Carolina.
I'll likely watch the coverage of these later.

(Main reason for this post: I felt guilty about posting nothing yesterday!)

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