Friday, February 26, 2016

Just another graph

... this one presents a ratio:
(median home price)/(median household income)
For most of the period covered - 1975 - 2014 - this was reasonably stable at just over 3:
The "typical" house was priced just about 3x the "typical" household income.
Then we hit the housing bubble, when the ratio climbs to about 5:
The "typical" house was priced 5x the "typical" household income.

This should have been a clue that housing prices were NOT properly aligned with the over-all economy!
Then the ratio heads down, till 2012, when it starts to head up again.

The up-tick?
Housing prices are recovering.
Median household income is NOT.

The "recovery" from the Great Recession has NOT been visible to the truly MIDDLE class!

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