Thursday, February 11, 2016

Economics 101

GDP = C + I + G +(E - I)
C = Consumer SPENDING
I = business Investment
G = Government spending (on things like defense & infrastructure & unemployment insurance)
(E - I) = Exports - Imports = balance of trade
a STRONG DOLLAR - which every GOP candidate wants - mitigates AGAINST balance-of-trade!
If the dollar is STRONG, nobody buys our stuff!
... and I've not heard ANY GOP candidate propose ANYTHING that encourages my wife & me to SPEND $$$ in our local economy.
For what it's worth - WE DO IT ANYWAY! - even without govt assistance.
We hire out ALL the work around the house.
... we hire it out to LOCAL FOLKS, who then go out and SPEND the $$$ we pay 'em.

WE are "job creators".

That "Consumer spending" piece of GDP?
It's 70% of the total!
For a strong economy, CONSUMERS need $$$ to SPEND!

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