Thursday, February 4, 2016

A regressive tax... that may help

Oil is now down to below $30/bbl.
This is reflected at your local gas station.

(Parenthetical remark: yep - this is what oil was at before we invaded Iraq in 2003. Hmmm... )

Anyway - we've gotten used to $3/gallon.
Now we're paying less than $2/gallon.

Maybe states could take advantage of this... ?
Tack a $0.40/gallon tax onto the price.
We'd still be paying less than what we were.
... AND - the states might just be able to balance their budgets.

Yes - this is a regressive tax.
BUT - it accomplishes a couple of things:
It raises state revenues.
It encourages conservation.
Would this proposal get me elected?

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