Friday, August 1, 2008

on the campaign trail

I'm getting much too personally involved with my imaginary friends.

Today, all I wanted to do was find out if "K.B. Johnson" was "Mr." or "Ms.". [note: don't bother looking - I changed the name to protect the real person's privacy!]

I quickly discovered "Karl B. Johnson" - okay, it's "Mr." But the source providing this info was an obit for his mother - Alicia Johnson, age 97 - pre-deceased by four of her children, and her husband, Karl B. Johnson; survived by 3 children, including K.B. Johnson & his wife Anne. Alicia died in October 2000.

Okay - "K.B." seems to have been "Karl B., Jr.", and to distinguish himself from Sr. had decided to go by "K.B." So far, so good.

How 'bout wife, Anne? Other data sources provided the info that K.B. now lives with Jacqueline Johnson, and that he is retired at age 56.

My guess? Upon mom's death, K.B. underwent a mid-life crisis. With the now-available family-fortune in hand, he re-evaluated his life, dumped Anne, and married Jacqueline.

Again: I'm becoming MUCH too personally involved with my imaginary friends.

Recall, I found the answer to the initiating question ("Mr." or "Ms.") almost immediately.

Have a nice day.

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