Sunday, August 3, 2008

"Hairless, gap-toothed, baby-eating Ogre"

I retired in June.
I've been "working" as volunteer on local Congressional campaign.

Folks ask me, "Should I vote for him?"
My answer: "YES!"

... then I hedge.
The Candidate could be a hairless, gap-toothed ogre with halitosis, and I'd still be volunteering on the campaign! Just so's the Candidate is NOT a Republican!

This is pretty much my political theory for the time-being: any Major Party Candidate who is NOT a Republican gets my vote!

Occasionally I surprise my fellow volunteers, when the conversation turns to Democratic politics.

"I'm not a Democrat."

This simple statement is enough to drop jaws in this crowd.

I am registered as New Mexico's equivalent of Independent, which is, "Decline to State" - or some such (the registration is listed as "DTS"). If the Dems continue in their ways, I'll likely vote 3rd party in 2010!

Stop the madness!

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  1. Hi Russ! Got the comment thingy to work. I like reading about your campaign work.

    I became a straight party Democratic voter when the fundamentalist Christians captured the Republican Party in Oklahoma. Every election now ends up being about guns, God and gays, even the elections for the Corporation Commission or for the Mine Inspector.