Sunday, August 3, 2008

on the campaign trail

I took a break from "physical presence at the campaign" today.

Not to worry: I put in 3-4 hrs of database work at home.

Thursday & Friday I spent many hrs physically present at the campaign - stuffing envelopes. This is in fact a long, somewhat amusing story that I'll not tell.

On the bright side: conversation with co-workers during these mass-mailings is quite fun! Depending on the exact make-up of the group - both in numbers and in personalities represented - the conversations range from fairly insipid chatter to heartfelt political convictions to serious personal revelations. All in all, a fun time!

There are a number of distinct physical tasks involved in mailings: folding the fliers, stuffing the envelopes, attaching stick-on addresses, sealing the envelopes. Strange as it may sound, each of these requires a specific talent. I'm pretty good at stuffing... but not so good at sealing... and it really does require fingernails to be good at attaching addresses!

Have a nice day.

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