Monday, August 4, 2008

another pointless personal post

As loyal readers will know, I formally retired in June.
Loyal readers will also know that much of my time is now devoted to volunteer work for the Dem candidate in NM's 1st Congressional District (Martin Heinrich if you're a little interested; Contribute to Martin Heinrich via ActBlue if you're a lot interested!)

And the rest of my time?

Tonight was the first music rehearsal for Albuquerque Little Theater's upcoming production of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.
I'm cast as "Erroneous" - the Buster Keaton role in the 1966 film.

[bragging:] I was invited to audition for the show.

I started singing in 1995, age 42. I put together the only "career development plan" I have ever successfully followed, with the career goal of singing a minor lead in a Gilbert & Sullivan production. I attained my goal in 2001, singing Dick Deadeye in a production of H.M.S. Pinafore. I retired from singing and from the stage.

It didn't take.

I've since "retired" from singing and the stage at least two more times.

It's never taken.

Eventually, choral music brings me back.
[Challenging on at least 3 levels: intellectually, to read the music; physically, to produce the sound; emotionally - well, it just sounds so wonderful when done right!]

My past 4 roles have been "invited": to sing the very minor role of Count Ceprano in OSW's 2006 production of Verdi's Rigoletto; to play Lt. Schrank in MTS's 2007 production of West Side Story; to sing in the chorus of OSW's 2008 Tosca; and now, to play the minor character Erroneous in ALT's Forum. [... with Schrank and Erroneous I seem to be developing a reputation as a character actor!]

This'll be my ALT debut - a factor contributing to my willingness to audition.

Sing a song!

p.s. For those who may want to follow this path...
My "career development plan" included taking voice/singing lessons, taking acting lessons, taking dance lessons, and auditioning for just about any show that came along. I was happy to be cast in 2-3 shows/year. I auditioned for many more. A reason for my repetitive "retirements": a hobby that requires rejection ~70% of the time has its limitations... I get rejected in real life! - why seek it?
Now? It's sort of fun to be invited to show up!
[note: I'm not a great singer, and I'm a much better singer than actor!... but I am reliable: I try to practice my "craft" diligently... Lt. Schrank was my hardest part to date: I simply ain't a hard-boiled NY police lieutenant!]

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