Friday, August 1, 2008

more "on the campaign trail"

Today I was physically present at campaign headquarters, helping with a mailing (a delightful relief from database work!).

Most daytime volunteers are retired - working folks have to, well... work! Retirees have grand-kids, and kids that welcome the opportunity to turn grand-kids over to grandparents... the implication is that volunteers are not rarely accompanied by grand-kids - usually younger grand-kids (the teens don't really want to hang out with grandma & grandpa!).

As it turns out, the grand-kids are productive workers: they can fold flyers & stuff envelopes as well as the rest of us, and are somewhat less distracted by the idle conversation.

I commented on this today.

The response? "Were you here last week?" Turns out one of the grand-kids - an 8-yr-old - was a computer whiz, and helped the office get networked. The professional computer fellow was asking the 8-yr-old for technical advice on best ways to set up & manage the network!

Sing a song!

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