Thursday, February 25, 2010

conversations with strangers

one of the things i enjoy about the 'virtual' world of blogs, facebook, email, the internet in general: you can strike up conversations with strangers.

through this blog i've met a fair number of folks i'm now happy to count as friends.

even before the blog, i'd send email to folks found via google... and they'd reply!
... more often than not they'd reply informatively - and in a manner suggesting future communications would be welcomed.

facebook has enabled resurrecting long-lost - in some cases, long-forgotten - relationships.

yeah, it's not quite the same as real inter-personal contact, but i was never good at that. 'virtual' connections work just fine for me.

my only real complaint? 'digital information' can be ephemeral. websites aren't as reliable as books. cool info found today may not be there tomorrow.
anyone have any brilliant ideas about how to reliably retain digital info?

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