Thursday, February 4, 2010

Still on hiatus... BUT...

... this news tidbit is just too good to be true (at least, from the perspective of "PrivateBuffoon has psychic powers!").
US Senator blasts Christmas Day plot disclosures
Thu Feb 4, 2:51 pm ET
WASHINGTON (AFP) – The White House demanded an apology on Thursday after a top US senator said it may have helped violent extremists by disclosing that the Christmas bomb plot suspect was cooperating with interrogators.
"This information immediately hit the air waves globally and, no doubt, reached the ears of our enemies abroad," Bond said, warning that the disclosure "has no doubt been helpful to his terrorist cohorts around the world."

[emphasis added]
Recall, I predicted that the White House's release of Summary of the White House Review of the December 25, 2009 Attempted Terrorist Attack would be condemned by former Wyoming Congressman Cheney:
"Releasing this report puts America in danger."
So, okay - it isn't former Congressman Cheney, but a senior Republican senator making the charge.

The Buffoon will take credit for psychic abilities!

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  1. Ah, come on! Predicting the Repugs will scream that anything the Dems do is going to help terrorists is like predicting a compass needle will point North.