Monday, February 8, 2010

Do Dems have a communications organization???

Once upon a time I figured DNC had a PR/communications department.
Now I'm not so sure.

Here are a couple of headlines that I'm pretty sure will never get picked up by DNC - or any other Dem source:
Bachmann’s Plan: To Deal With Debt, We Must ‘Wean Everybody’ Off Social Security, Medicare
I note that this is consistent with the Repugs recent Budget Proposal, which includes privatizing Social Security and (surprise!) tax cuts for the rich!
Cantor Opens The Door To GOP Rejecting Obama’s Bipartisan Health Care Meeting
BEFORE the prez even talks with 'em, Repugs are vowing to OBSTRUCT!
As Democrats Get Tough On Financial Reform, Republicans Court Big Banks
Ah, yes: the Repugs true constituency. (Why doesn't anyone tell the Tea Partiers?)
It's really not that hard to put together a tough-talking PR campaign against the GOP based on what the GOP itself says!

I used to send brilliant advice to DNC containing these bits of wisdom... but they've never once followed up on any of these suggestions.
Heck - I'm not looking for acknowledgement, or glory: I just want 'em to start fighting back!

What's wrong with the Democratic Party???

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