Friday, February 5, 2010

the efficacy of prayer

Wife Teresa - on 'chemo-holiday' since November, recently had CT scan & follow-up oncologist appt. The 'chemo-holiday' has been great - Teresa feels sort of normal, has energy, wants to do things (and her hair is growing back - a psychological lift!).
We figured the nasties would also be enjoying the chemo-holiday...
... but, no! - CT scan reveals liver is healing, no new lesions, and existing lesions shrinking.

With no other explanation available, Teresa credits prayers - those offered by many others.

Now, I'm a confessing agnostic, but I never turn down offers of prayer: can't hurt, might help, doesn't cost anything.

So... I'm inclined to agree with Teresa's assessment.
Thanks for the prayers!


  1. Glad to hear her health is improving. You will continue to have our prayers.

  2. Frank is a greater believer than I, but Teresa and you have both of ours. Great news, and our wishes for continued recovery to Teresa!