Friday, February 5, 2010

Shooting fish in a barrel

Yet another person - loyal reader & commenter PM - has noted that my 'claim to fame' for predicting GOP response is perhaps less worthy of praise:
Ah, come on! Predicting the Repugs will scream that anything the Dems do is going to help terrorists is like predicting a compass needle will point North.
Well... yes. BUT: at least I'm sufficiently fearless to make my predictions 1) in advance, and 2) in (virtual) print!

Desideratum: Every day you can scan the financial pages of newspapers and the financial blogs, and they'll tell you why the market did what it did yesterday. I'd be a lot more impressed if they told me TODAY what the markets would do TOMORROW based on currently available information.
PrivateBuffoon attempts to do this.

To his credit, Jim Cramer attempted this when he predicted...
... we could have a gigantic rally off a Coakley loss and a Brown win.
Of course, he was wrong!... The market has tanked since Brown won the MA Senate seat!

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  1. Has a Republican been right on anything? Yet people still listen.