Tuesday, February 9, 2010

what's wrong with US

Glenn Beck has a large, devoted following.
Rush has a large, devoted following.

What's wrong with us?
Why are there no liberal/progressives with similarly large, devoted followings?

I believe I've found the answer, obliquely, in a review, "On Isaiah Berlin: Explorer", from The New York Review of Books:
"... he is eminently useful in understanding the kinds of moral conundrums that regularly perplex anyone too sensible to be an ideologue."
THAT'S our problem!

We are "too sensible to be" ideologues!
We're too attuned to the moral conundrums of policy.
We're too polite.

KO tries, but he can't quite muster the thoughtless rage, the unthinking, raw certitude that entertains and informs.
Rachel? Much too serious, too intellectual, too honest.

Would someone please volunteer to be the Rush (or Glenn) of OUR perspective?

1 comment:

  1. How about Woody. I'd love to hear him rant and rave on the radio like Rush. One problem, all the radio, tv and newspapers are controlled by the right wing moguls and won't let anyone on who can counter their pet perversions of truth.
    We're stuck with Bill Moyers on PBS which no one watches and comedians like John Stewart and Bill Maher.