Wednesday, February 17, 2010

does anyone remember Jayson Blair?

New York Times reporter accused of plagiarism resigns: NYT

During the initial invasion of Iraq - remember that? under W? Operation "Iraqi Freedom"? - Jayson Blair filed fabricated interviews with Jessica Lynch and a bunch of other fabricated stories. It was fun!
I used the occasion to spice up my letters to my USMC bud - fabricating stories of my own, based on contemporary accounts of Hulagu Khan's 1258 sack of Baghdad (with 'photos' of Lego G.I. Joes to provide verisimillitude).

Will the NYT never learn? - It pretends to be a "newspaper of record"... but continues the grand tradition of Judith Miller, Jayson Blair, the over-hyped "Wen Ho Lee is a Chinese spy" story... and countless other journalistic failures.

I've absolutely NO journalistic qualifications, but I'm pretty sure I could do a better editorial job than the folks now getting paid big $$$ by the venerable Times!

[full disclosure: I subscribe to the NYT, Mon-Sat]

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  1. You'd be much better and I remember all these people and much more as well!