Wednesday, March 3, 2010

well, yes... But: NO!!!

At least a couple of my correspondents maintain that our political system is hopelessly corrupt, and that GOP & Dems participate equally in this corruption. "If you pay attention, there's no difference 'tween GOP & Dems - they're all crooks & liars!"

Well... yes. To some extent this is true.

But: NO!!!
At least Dems pretend to profess pragmatism, to recognize the world as it is, to propose policies that improve the lot of We the People.

The GOP? - War is always the best foreign policy. The market is perfect always and in every respect - never mind that unfettered capitalism kills people and teeters always on the brink of collapse. They - the GOP - honestly believe if you're out of work it's because you're a lazy SOB, undeserving of pity or help. Government for the GOP really is the enemy - always, and forever. Their world is the stereotypical "law of the jungle" - dog eat dog, might makes right.
Rather than one solitary person somewhere ever get one penny he or she doesn't "deserve", they'd have us all starve.
These are the GOP's ideological commitments. And they're proud of 'em!

For all the disillusionment I now feel, at least during his campaign Obama offered hope.

What does the GOP offer? FEAR!
Fear of the other, fear of the future, fear of... well, just about everything.
This is their single selling point.
Give FEAR a name: Terrorism, Communism, Socialism, Nazi-ism.
Repeat the name relentlessly.

NO!!! - there IS a difference!

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  1. It's kind of a brain thing, I think...

    The GOP peddles fear at the level of the lizard brain, the medulla, the fight or flea level.

    The DIMs also peddle fear, but they do it like acne blockers. They trade on everybody's fear that someday at an important time you're gonna have a zit, along with the certain knowledge that it IS gonna happen.

    The GOPukes sell fear of archetypes, it teaches you to fear presence, the outsider; the Dims teach fear of stereotypes, of absences INSIDE, of insecurities about your self.

    And, in the end their both working for the same people, let's not forget; and it ain't us...