Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Buffoon's financial predictions (... or, "Yes, I'm psychic")

Back on 3 Jan, Buffoon published this:
When to sell
note: this financial advice is FREE OF CHARGE... and worth every penny!

Earlier I tried to call a bottom - and didn't do too badly.

Now I'm trying to call a peak.
My best bet?
- DJIA between 10.7K & 11.75K.
... splitting the difference ~11K.

Implication: hold on for just a bit longer.
[note: NO prediction regarding TIMING will be attempted.]
How'd I do?

Here's DJIA for past 6 months:

Note: high = 11.205K on 27 April 2010... pretty close to dead-center of my range!
(dead center = 11.225K)

Now: if I'd just start ACTING on my financial brilliance!

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  1. If you did you could retire even more.

    I've known for some time now you are without question a fart smucker.