Monday, May 24, 2010

Reason for hope, or a cruel hoax?

From HuffPost:
Obama's War Supplemental: Recent Reports Strengthen The Case Against It
[emphasis added]
... from USMC bud's latest letter:
I had to move out of our tent today. For the first time in 5.5 months, I will have a roof over my head. From inside, I'd have no clue I wasn't at Quantico - this building may actually be nicer. Mind you, that's a problem. When you're building permanent structures, you're in the wrong war.
[emphasis added]
... and then there's this from McClatchy:
McChrystal calls Marjah a 'bleeding ulcer' in Afghan campaign
Permanent structures, "War Supplementals", and "bleeding ulcers"... sounds a lot like a disaster from which we've no inclination to extricate ourselves.
Where's Nixon when you need him? Declare victory & get out - NOW!

... oh, yeah: Stop the Madness!!!

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