Friday, May 7, 2010

shameless blogging

From Buffon follower JC's FaceBook posting:
This appeals to the curmudgeon in me. Except I am not old enough to be a curmudgeon, and hope never to be so old! "If there were any truth to the idea that a particular name can guarantee a particular character trait for the child — or vice versa — most people would be named Vaguely Dissatisfied. Or Kinda Bitter."
I pointed out that "curmudgeon" has more to do with attitude than age, and confessed pride in being a curmudgeon.

... and I think "Mildly Amused" would be in the top five most popular names!

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  1. May I play?
    Happily Apathetic.
    Quietly Resigned.
    Proudly Ignorant.