Friday, May 7, 2010

Our far-flung correspondents

From my USMC bud in Afghanistan:
I’ve taken essentially the same picture after the first big wind storm in each base camp I’ve visited in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and now Afghanistan (in Iraq, I only visited dirt). Eventually, even Marines learn to stake down their Porta-Potties. On this day, 12 of the 13 on my usual running route were blown down, with the last one blocked by 2 that had already fallen.
The blue & white objects at right are two of the cans that we live in, unassembled.
Speaking of storms, we just had the worst dust storm I have ever experienced. Unfortunately, it was at night, so I couldn’t take a picture. This is one from back in my Dwyer days. Cameras now have special modes for sunsets, fireworks, pets, etc. I need one with ‘dust storm’ mode. This storm looked like the world was ending, but the photo is unimpressive.
Entirely theoretical question: if you can’t navigate 150’ to the bathroom because there is 2 foot visibility, both for you and everyone else, is it okay…well, never mind.
Everyone else wanted a picture of the end of the world as well, but nobody I know got a good shot of it. Oh, and the world survived, but it got really dusty.

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