Wednesday, May 19, 2010

following a long tradition...

... yep, I'm gonna post my email to Rep. Heinrich, Senators Udall & Bingaman, Senate Majority Leader Reid, and Speaker Pelosi!
Today it's BP.
Yesterday it was Goldman-Sachs.

Whenever ANYONE utters the noun-phrase, "industry self-regulation": LAUGH OUT LOUD!

This noun-phrase ought be greeted with more than the now-trite snicker accompanying the noun-phrase, "Military Intelligence".

There IS such a thing as "industry self-regulation".
It is equivalent to "NO REGULATION"!!!

If this be socialism, so be it.
Socialism is GOOD!
Socialism protects you and me from the rapacious predation of unbridled capitalists!

(For what it's worth: it may not win you many votes, but could you bring yourself to utter the term "socialism" often?
In the first place, this will help defuse the right-wing's insistence on equating 'socialism' with evil.
In the second place, "socialism" is GOOD!
"Socialism" - at least as understood by the GOP - protects you and me from the rapacious predations of unbridled capitalists!
... Maybe ask your GOP colleagues if they really want to return to the Dickensian 19th century of unbridled capitalism - child labor; amputated fingers, hands, and limbs; 14-hr, 7-day work-weeks.
Ask 'em about the Triangle Shirt-Waist fire... )

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