Friday, May 21, 2010

c&l bounce

153 visitors today!

note: in past couple of months, 'buffoon' has gone from routine dozen, to routine two dozen, to 30, to 40-or-so visitors/day.
i keep waiting for exponential growth - hasn't happened.

BUT: i'm very grateful to mike over at c&l for his every-once-in-a-while promotion of 'buffoon'!


  1. That's for sure Russ when that happens. I support C/L's because they are one of the best!!

  2. Never had a nicer invitation than to join the ABQ curmudgeons for meet-up. Who knows? I may be able to take you up on that someday. Meanwhile, I always enjoy my visits to Buffoon! I consider you part of my blogfam now. I'm sure you've been doings some of this, but take a stroll down through my blogroll to connect with some more folks of like mind.