Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh, good: someone else noticed (... or, "Yes, I'm psychic!") [update]

[Update: here's the link to Rachel - That was then, and this is then]
Tonight Rachel ran a piece on the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster... and pointed out that 30 years ago there was a massive blow-out on an off-shore rig in the Gulf of Mexico.
She highlighted that the technologies used back then are the same ones being tried today to get the blow-out under control.

Alert readers may recall this post from 3 May:
Hmmm... just wondering
Oil spills DO happen.
No - they're not daily events, but the risk is huge (risk = probability x $$$).
... so, why haven't oil companies invested in research to deal with oil spills???
As far as I can tell, the same technologies are used today as were being used 30 years ago.
Yep: I'm psychic!

Again: if you want to know what folks'll be discussing next week, read Buffoon today!

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