Monday, May 24, 2010

Notes from all over...

My USMC bud writes, in letter from Camp Leatherneck dated 17 May:
Yesterday was unbelievable. We had an enormous fire here, but I am without computers at the moment, so I can't see if this made the news, or even read any internal reports. Trust me, it was big. I assume we will have some lessons learned about storing old tires in the fuel farm, or whatever happened. About an hour into the storm, the dust storm from Hell blew in. This is not leading me to favor Helmand province over Ouray County long term.
Here's a pic, from

[Marines battle fire aboard Camp Leatherneck]

For what it's worth: this WAS covered by CNN International:
Fire and Sand Storm at Camp Leatherneck Afghanistan


  1. Oh this is really bad can u tell due to which reason this fire was caught?

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  2. My correspondent does not give the reason... tho' he guesses storing old tires in the fuel depot may have been a bad idea.