Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just for fun: Medal of Honor (Memorial Day: part the third)

The President of the United States
in the name of
The Congress
takes pleasure in presenting the
Medal of Honor


Rank and Organization: Private, Company B, 47th Ohio Infantry. Place and Date: At Vicksburg, Miss., 3 May 1863. Entered Service At: Adrian, Mich. Born: 11 October 1841, Monroe County, Mich. Date Of Issue: 12 September 1911.

Citation: Was one of a party that volunteered and attempted to run the enemy's batteries with a steam tug and 2 barges loaded with subsistence stores.
No - I don't know if Peter Sype is one of my ancestors... BUT: my son's name is Peter.

This has been a "just for fun" Memorial Day post.


  1. How did you come across the story of Medal of Honor recipient Peter Sype?

    It might not take that much research at or where ever to see if you are related.

  2. A couple of years ago I googled "Peter Sype".

  3. When I googled my name it came up with a guy in Idaho charged with murder and my son's name came up with the Edward Prescott that won the Nobel Prize for economics, then at U of Wisconsin, now at U of Arizona. Go figure