Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oops! - I forgot...

I must be gettin' old: I forgot "The anniversary that only I celebrate: W's War College Speech, 24 May 2004".

W's "five steps in our plan to help Iraq achieve democracy and freedom":
1. hand over authority to a sovereign Iraqi government.
2. help establish the stability and security in Iraq that democracy requires.
still waiting... how many dead in car-bombs this year???
3. continue rebuilding Iraq's infrastructure.
??? - has anyone heard how many hours of electricity Baghdad has these days?
... how 'bout water & sewage?
4. encourage more international support.
... is ANYONE other than U.S. now engaged with Iraq? Oh, wait - China has a big contract to refurbish oil fields!
Anyone else???
5. move toward free, national elections that will bring forward new leaders empowered by the Iraqi people.
... and recent elections even suggest relatively smooth transition of administrations!
2 out of 5... six years later!

And let's not forget W's proposed gift to the Iraqi people!
"America will fund the construction of a modern, maximum security prison."

Diligent readers will recall the fate of this promise.
Report: Empty Prison in Iraq a $40M 'Failure'
US watchdogs: Empty prison in Iraq 'monument' to waste and contractor shortcomings
Ah, yes! - W's gift to the Iraqi people: "a monument to waste".

Eventually the U.S. will simply walk out of Iraq.
All hell may break loose, or not.
Whatever - it'll no longer be OUR problem.

Why not today?

Note: the really fun thing about observing this anniversary is that all I have to do it copy/paste from preceding year's post!

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