Thursday, May 6, 2010

Times Square bombing & bomber...

Loyal readers may have noticed my silence regarding the failed Times Square bombing and subsequent apprehension of the alleged perpetrator.

Our national media's coverage of terrorist events has been less than stellar.
In the days immediately following events all sorts of stuff gets published as "fact".
Recall the over-hyped news conference announcing the JFK airport plot a few years ago - you'd have believed the plotters were only minutes away from successfully unleashing an inferno on Long Island. 'Twasn't true.

The case of Faisal Shahzad is no less fluid, and no more credible.
"He's a lone wolf"... "No, he's in league with Pakistani Taliban"... "No, Pakistani Taliban disavow him"... "No, he's a convert to Catholicism abused by priest as a child"...
(Well - actually I've not seen that last one... but wait a couple of days!)

So - until the hysteria dies down and some real facts start emerging, I'll remain silent.

... I WILL note that Mr. Shahzad was Mirandized and is still talking.
Yes - criminal investigations really can proceed and be effecive within the rule of law... no matter what John McCain might say to the contrary.

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