Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's a wonder Republicans reproduce!

From Think Progress:
Cuccinelli channels John Ashcroft, censors Roman goddess’ clothing on the Virginia seal.
The seal depicts the Roman goddess Virtus, or virtue, wearing a blue tunic draped over one shoulder, her left breast exposed. But on the new lapel pins Cuccinelli recently handed out to his staff, Virtus’ bosom is covered by an armored breastplate.
Here's the extremely realistic, life-like image in question:

I note that a Republican DA in Wisconsin recently...
In a thinly-veiled threat, a Wisconsin District Attorney warned school administrators and teachers that teaching comprehensive sex education — required by state law — could lead to their prosecution.

Earlier this year, the Wisconsin legislature passed a law requiring any public schools teaching sex education to provide comprehensive sex ed; that is, they must include information about contraception and disease prevention in case a teen decides to become (or already is) sexually active.

Juneau County District Attorney Scott Southworth, an evangelical Christian, took offense at this requirement. He sent a letter to school districts in his county recommending that they withdraw from the entire human development curriculum, explaining that teachers who give specific information about the use of contraceptives to students while knowing that the students are sexually active can be criminally prosecuted for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The school districts could also have civil liability.
What's with the GOP and sex???


  1. Ah, victory in Virginia over the nearly indistince nipple of an allegorical cartoon of a woman! The world is now safe from socialism, gays, and black folk!

    On the even brighter side, he has chosen as his replacement, a Confederate seal. Virginia is certainly sending a message to all of those uppity ___s out there. (And the nice thing is, you can supply whatever group you like - or, rather, hate - in the blank.)

  2. Sorry, that should be "indistinct."