Saturday, May 1, 2010

... just being snarky

Deadly tornadoes strike Arkansas
Officials: At least 5 dead in Tenn. flooding
... and again today:
Gulf oil spill swiftly balloons, could move east
I note that the states in question are all in what was once known as the Bible Belt.

Has the Reverend Robertson been paying attention?
Has he any explanation for G-d's wrath? - particularly, G-d's wrath visited upon these staunchly Baptist states???

Meanwhile, Dover, Pennsylvania - they who "rejected" G-d from their city - have yet to be visited by a natural disaster.

[hmmm... maybe G-d is upset with Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, & Alabama because they all voted for McCain in 2008. If this be the case, Florida ought be spared from oil-spill disaster. (note: this is a testable hypothesis!)]

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