Monday, May 3, 2010

Tell me about that infrastructure thing again

Boston works through 3rd day without drinking water
By Scott Malone and Ross Kerber Scott Malone And Ross Kerber
– Mon May 3, 2010
BOSTON (Reuters) – More than 2 million Boston area residents faced their third day without drinkable tap water on Monday, with many commuters having to start their workweek without their customary cup of coffee or tea.

Authorities said they had repaired a leak in a 10-foot (3 meter) pipe that had triggered the emergency, but told residents and businesses of Boston and most surrounding communities they should continue to boil water before drinking it.


The pipe in Weston, Massachusetts, a suburb about 15 miles west of Boston, burst on Saturday, initially pouring millions of gallons (liters) of potable water into the Charles River. Authorities drew on emergency water supplies, including local ponds, prompting the order to boil water.
Note: this was NOT the result of terrorist attack - just decaying, deteriorating BASIC infrastructure.
BORING infrastructure - a water main... that happened to supply Boston!

Roads, bridges, water mains, power lines & transformers... these aren't glamorous.
No politician is likely to want his name on a water main.
BUT: given a choice between a fancy, high-tech stealth fighter and a water main, I know where I'd put my $$$!


  1. Sounds like you're another one who doesn't love America. Get it straight - it has to be fighters over water every time. If the country is destroyed because we don't have fighters how can you drink the water. Simple really.

  2. Not to mention water mains are socialist crap that even poor welfare queen rapist murderer black people who avoid prison due to librul bleeding-hearts, and illegal aliens, and other undesirables get to drink from, all at the expense of hard-working real 'muricans, while fighter planes are necessary manly stuff that you have to be a real 'murican patriot to use.