Thursday, February 12, 2009

3 strikes?

Richardson, Daschle, Gregg: Who knew Commerce was such a hard slot to fill?

How 'bout Joe the Plumber?

A bit more seriously:
Obama promised change.
How 'bout actively recruiting for the post, with the single requirement to apply being that one has absolutely NO ties to D.C.?
No legislative experience, no experience in any previous Administration, no civil service experience, no lobbying experience (or involvement).
It's "Commerce", right? - Recruit from among the pool of recently laid-off workers. I'd bet there are more than a couple of competent, capable managers in the pool.

Remember the movie Trading Places? The Duke brothers turned street-hustler Billy Ray Valentine into a high-powered commodities broker - simply by giving him the chance!
Why not?

Secondary considerations: no tax problems; employ no domestics; not currently under federal investigation.
As Gregg's withdrawal illustrates, it would help if the applicant supported Obama's policies! (... I guess that leaves Joe the Plumber off the list.)

Otherwise? Open, free-market competition.

Again: why not?
[What Obama's team has tried so far hasn't worked very well!]

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