Sunday, February 8, 2009

Do they ever listen to themselves?

RNC Chair Michael Steele on This Week with George Stephanopoulos:
STEELE: "... But you've got to look at the entire package. You've got to look at what's going to create sustainable jobs.

What this administration is talking about is making work. It is creating work."

STEPHANOPOULOS: "But that's a job."

STEELE: "No, it's not a job. A job is something that -- that a business owner creates. It's going to be long term. What he's creating..."

STEPHANOPOULOS: "So a job doesn't count if it's a government job?"


STEELE: "Hold on. No, let me -- let me -- let me finish. That is a contract. It ends at a certain point, George. You know that. These road projects that we're talking about have an end point."
My first inclination was to echo Stehpanopoulos and write smarmy responses to Mr. Steele's "arguments"...

... BUT then I thought: why bother answering this guy?
He doesn't even pretend to argue legitimately.
Why take the time and energy to try to make sense of Mr. Steele's nonsense? (... I believe the technical term for Mr. Steele's "argument" is gibberish.)

Rather, what I'd like to see is someone (MoveOn?) make this interview the basis of a nation-wide ad:
[voice-over]"This is how the Republicans understand the economy...":
[Run the video of the exchange between Mr. Steele & Mr. Stephanopoulos]
[voice-over]"If you can make sense of RNC Chair Steele's argument, by all means, support the Republican stimulus plan!"
That's it.

Use ridicule as a weapon.
Don't waste time trying to argue with these folks.

p.s. In addition to spouting gibberish, RNC Chair Steele also lies:
STEELE: "... The reality of it is, Bush inherited a recession."
Well... NO. The recession of 2001 started in (hold your breath!): March, 2001! AFTER W took office!!!

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